Some roads are long. Tiny steps are steps too. Take your time. Try to enjoy. Do things you used to like to do. Some sayings that I heard the last period more than I would like to hear. Strange isn’t it, how a human being can be sometimes, is what I am thinking.  The last period is more like: How are you? I have heard that you are not doing so well. Well that changed. I can say I am in recovery mode and be more positive than I was doing.

Planning for 2018. Always a puzzle. I am not quite sure how my planning will look like for 2017-2018. But I can give you an overview of the races I have done in recent years. Especially than the offroad races. Sometimes with a special comment. Have fun reading.

After a succesvol season of triathlon races I feel happy and satisfied. Some special wins and offcourse also some downs. Anyway those downs keeping yourself motivated and fight harder in the next races. Now it is the time for offseason, or how triathletes are saying they take a “rest” period. Some other things beside sports. Tough period because what am I doing in this free time?  Because I can't loose the sport in my daily routine I am about to finish a study as a swimcoach/trainer.  With some lessons in class and now at the local triathlonclub in practise I am also developing. Beside this study, I am making a new race & trainingprogramm for winterseason 2017-2018. The winter is for me to keep my fitness level high and having fun. I do love to participate in crossduathlons as well. Next up will be the posbank crossduathlon Velp and the crossduathlon in Nijverdal. Still dreaming already about my next goal. To become national champ crossduathlon. What will be my road to this title ? What are some new challenges ? How do i stay fit ? How do I stay motivated? A lot of thoughts going through my mind. Offroadracing is what i do love the most. I want to be and beat the best.

See you out there. Always forward and live more.


In the beginning of the season together with my trainer i made a yearplan. Trainingblock, racingperiod and a second trainingblock for the second raceperiod of the season. When I reflect about the first part, I am very happy and satisfied. I had a few victories at races here in Holland and some very consistent results in races in Europe.

Now, after a month full of hard training I am ready for the second part of the season. The upcoming races will be the National Championships Crosstriathlon, the European Championship Xterra in Denmark and Triambla on Ameland. After those races I am not sure yet which races I will be in participate. I have a some plans in my mind to do some races to finish the season with in the end of September.

October will be a month with other activities and I will take some kind of rest to start fresh and injury free to build up again in November. With some plans in my mind I will work this out to be better next year.