In the beginning of the season together with my trainer i made a yearplan. Trainingblock, racingperiod and a second trainingblock for the second raceperiod of the season. When I reflect about the first part, I am very happy and satisfied. I had a few victories at races here in Holland and some very consistent results in races in Europe.

Now, after a month full of hard training I am ready for the second part of the season. The upcoming races will be the National Championships Crosstriathlon, the European Championship Xterra in Denmark and Triambla on Ameland. After those races I am not sure yet which races I will be in participate. I have a some plans in my mind to do some races to finish the season with in the end of September.

October will be a month with other activities and I will take some kind of rest to start fresh and injury free to build up again in November. With some plans in my mind I will work this out to be better next year.

In preparation for the cross duathlon on May 20, Hamersman will organize an off-raod clinic. This clinic will be held to exchange tips and tricks for the off-road duathlon at the pyramid of Austerlitz.

Three new funky trunks, two new swim goggles, one new trainer, a great motivation. A new own mountainbike, an education, no education, a relationship with a girl and a mental breakdown, now single and traction again. Traction and excited to live again. Expectations and trust are needed for doing it my way. My way and going off-road, is maybe in the end going out with a bang.