Three new funky trunks, two new swim goggles, one new trainer, a great motivation. A new own mountainbike, an education, no education, a relationship with a girl and a mental breakdown, now single and traction again. Traction and excited to live again. Expectations and trust are needed for doing it my way. My way and going off-road, is maybe in the end going out with a bang.

From a specialized road bike to a Ridley. From low rims to high rims of EDCO. From Sailfish into a HUUB wetsuit. Instead of parking my bikes in my room, now hanging them against the wall. Friends who run fast and fast running with friends. Last season the running shoe Saucony Mirage into the off-road-shoes Saucony Peregride. From Team TTW into Squadratriathlon.

Learn about knowing yourself or learning to know yourself better. My friends they travel over the world, and now I am travelling over the world with friends. Meet new people who sharing the same passion and the same passion let you get in touch with new people. After 2 crossduathlons, 3 Eredivisie triathlon races, 1 trail run, 1 Triambla, 2 Xterra’s en 1 World Championship Crosstriathlon is season 2016 over. Always going forward and Live more. 

With these words I will look up to the future.

From Mark Hamersma to Hamersman.