Nice that you are hanging around in here. Have a look on the websites of one of  my friends from all over the world. We are at the first place in races our direct opponents, even outside races, we are natural humans with the same passion for the lifestyle of off-road triathlon.

Let s meet new passionate people.

Dominik Wychera



Best result: 3e WK U23 Crosstriathlon 2016

Maximilian Sasserath



Best Result: 7th Xterra Portugal 2016

Michael Ferreira

South Africa


Best result: ITU Junior World Champ Crosstriathlon 2016

Or take a look at:

Aidan Nugent   

Ben Allen         

Courtney Atkinson

Ruben Ruzafa   

Theo Blignaut   

Jim Thijs           

Ian Pyott           

Jens Roth          

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