Hamersman, Mark Hamersma from Holland. Lives near the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug. A great training area in the middle of Holland. Sometimes a bit difficult to train on hills or mountains in “flat” Holland. Hamersman says:” Mountain biking, especially in the backyard of Veenendaal is challenging and fun. What most people think about “flat” Holland, isn’t true at all.”  The tracks are not that hard or technical as in Belgium Ardennes or France Alps. Occasionally, that is why Hamersman create his own obstacles for technical training sessions. The area is also known for great running, with sand or tarmac paths you can go anywhere. “Even trail-running is possible.”

Training with world champs Rob Barel and Jorik van Egdom inspires him and makes him mentally and physically stronger.  To achieve his triathlon goals, Hamersman is trained by Peter Dam. Peter has his own triathlon squad. He is an excellent swim trainer and coach of a few other top triathletes in Holland. In a cooperating way Koen Haan,team Squadra, is part of the technical-crew of Hamersman. Ronald Dercksen, physical therapist and Annemarie van der Berg, masseuse and Steven van der Pauw, manual therapist from PMI Rembrandt  are into the crew as well. 

Hamersman has to improve all the five parts of triathlon. But the triathlon adventure started from the local triathlon club in Veenendaal at VZC. The first multisport race were mark found his challenge is back in 2010.  Hamersman says: “I ‘ll never forget this race. Total huge mudparty” Crossduathlon Groesbeek organized in November. Famous about running, mountainbiking on a motorcross-track. The circumstances are always hard due mud and melting snow.  

The first road triathlon where mark found his drive for triathlon was in his hometown Veenendaal, known as triathlon Veenendaal. Hamersman: “I didn’t have an racebike of my own for the triathlon, so I borrowed my neighbour’s bike. I managed to do the sprint distance by swimming freestyle at a breaststroke pace and running with the feeling that my legs were drunk.” Hamersman is totally into the crosstriathlon races from 2012. “Off-road is more fun, more fun is live more. So that’s why I love Xterra racing to the fullest.”

As an young sports professional, Hamersman is triggered by new challenges. Looking for opportunities to develop himself by creating new possibilities.  He doesn’t follow an education at the moment, but he finished economy and marketing. He graduated on an secondary vocational education school where he became an entrepreneur/salesspecialist. He also managed to get an 1st year degree in sportmarketing on the higher professional education school at the Johan Cruijff University Amsterdam. The last study that he followed can be described by learning to be a physical and mental healthcoach. Unfortunately he had to quit this study due to problems with managing the very busy schedule due to training, racing, studying, working and travelling.

Hamersman with Ronald Dercksen, physical therapist

 The story continues, looking for new upcoming challenges. But first work hard, race smart.