Squadra, a Dutch triathloncompany. With the vision that everybody can beat his best with the right kind of support and coaching. Squadra is focussing to realize this for every sporter, to create a perfect sport environment to get the best results with right quality and attitude. Squadra is a separated in different departments as Eredivisie Racing, Road2tri, Squadraevents and Squadracommunity. Check out: http://www.squadraeindhoven.nl/

Squadra Road2tri

From studies, there is proven that doing sports together, by achieving goals, people feel connected. With the knowledge and experience of coaching and training of toptriathletes we want to inspire you. Squadraroad2tri is an project of supporting employees in start to triathlon projects. We are guide businessteams or individual employees to a real triathlonrace. There is a possibility to get into squadraroad2tri at different levels. Webpage: http://squadraroad2tri.nl/

Squadra Events

Squadra Events, is a project to help to develop the dutch triathlonsport to a next level. Into our events we like to live the sport, to create to triathlon vibe, a relaxt area, for casual socializing and the real triathlon business. The passion of athletes and expectators will be at this event going for new limits.Take a look at: http://www.squadraevents.nl/

Squadra Community

The community, its all about connecting to the triathlonworld. It is designed for triathletes who like to train smart and responsible, looking for advice and tricks, in need for a trainingschedule or looking for trainingspartners. Together with coaches you can achieve you personal best and more. In this squadracommunity you get the support on your level. You find the community in here: http://www.squadracommunity.nl/

Nice that you are hanging around in here. Have a look on the websites of one of  my friends from all over the world. We are at the first place in races our direct opponents, even outside races, we are natural humans with the same passion for the lifestyle of off-road triathlon.

Let s meet new passionate people.

Dominik Wychera




Best result: 3e WK U23 Crosstriathlon 2016

Maximilian Sasserath




Best Result: 7th Xterra Portugal 2016

Michael Ferreira


South Africa


Best result: ITU Junior World Champ Crosstriathlon 2016

Or take a look at:

Aidan Nugent             https://aidannugent.wordpress.com/

Ben Allen                   http://benallentriathlete.com/

Courtney Atkinson     http://courtneyatkinson.com.au/

Ruben Ruzafa             http://rubenruzafa.com/

Theo Blignaut             https://theoblignaut.wordpress.com/

Jim Thijs                     http://www.jimthijs.com/

Ian Pyott                     http://www.janpyott.com/

Jens Roth                    http://jensroth.com/

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